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Go Grailey Heavy Duty Leak Diverters with ROPE KIT

Go Grailey Heavy Duty Leak Diverters With Rope Connectors
Unfold and locate drain cups. For shipping, the drain cups are in an inverted position. Push up on the drain cup until it turns inside out. Now water can flow freely into cup.
Attach clip to rope on the underside of the slack adjuster. Attach clip to one of the grommets on the diverter. Make sure the diverter faces down, away from drip (hose connection faces toward floor).
Push black hose fitting into bottom of drain cup until snug. Once inserted, tighten threaded ring to secure hose fitting to drain cup. Do not over-tighten ring.

Secure rope (without knot) to something sturdy that is able to hold the weight of the diverter and any water inside.* Do not tighten slack adjusters until all ropes have been secured.

Separate optional quick connect and attached the male end of the quick connect into the hose fitting. Attach female side onto hose and set to side. It is easier to install diverter without the hose being attached.
After all ropes have been tied down, use slack adjusters to tighten ropes so that water can flow freely toward drain cups.
Pull end of rope through hole of slack adjuster and make a knot. The bend should be on top, which is the same side as knot.
Attach the hose to drain cup. Insert other end of hose something that can contain the water coming down from diverter. Monitor the movement of water, so overflow or pooling on floor doesn't occur.
Insert other end of rope through the second hole of the slack adjuster. Do not tie a knot at this time.
If you see that the water is not flowing freely, adjust bungees so water flows into drain cup and down hose. Place included caps onto any unused drain cups.