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Buildings 2012 Money-Saving Product

GoGrailey is proud to annouce the receipt of Buildings 2012 Money-Saving Product Award !

Q: What kinds of savings have your customers seen from using this product (in terms of dollars, productivity, time, savings, etc.) Provide at least 1 example.

A: GoGrailey Roof Leak Diverters are an emergency interior protection product which saves our customers a great deal of time and money until more permanent repairs can be made. For example, a nationwide food chain store was ordered by the Department of Health to shutdown its store front due to a rooftop leak on their sales floor on Thanksgiving, one of the busiest shopping days of the year. However, by installing a GoGrailey Roof Leak Diverter, the grocery store was not only able to stay open for business, but they were also able to save millions of dollars in interior damage. With GoGrailey Roof Leak Diverters, you can protect your property and inventory from getting damaged thus saving you time and money!

Another example is a local roofer who received a call from a customer that was suffering from a roof leak and unfortunately, due to the poor weather conditions, repairs could not be made at the time. Despite the foul weather, the local roofer was able to help ease the customer's tension by installing a GoGrailey Roof Leak Diverter which in turn prevented further damage. Moreover, the local roofers was able to asses the damages and recommend the needed repairs which would be conducted during better weather conditions. Thus, the local roofer was able to charge for the service call and gain a "can do" image with its customers.

Q: Why is this product/service different from others like it?

A: GoGrailey Roof Leak Diverters have many superior design and engineered benefits over similar products. For example, GoGrailey Roof Leak Diverters are made of heavy duty, reinforced PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) which offers superior puncture and tear resistance. Our deep PVC drain bowl has been heat welded to ensure no leaks and provide superior strength while competitor products use glue or clamping methods that easily fail, tear or leak. What's more, GoGrailey Roof Leak Diverters come with a 3-inch strainer to dramatically reduce clogging from falling debris. GoGrailey Roof Leak Diverters are also translucent, which allows for easy inspection of proper water flow.Furthermore, our roof leak diverters conveniently connect to a standard "3/4" garden hose and feature optional quick connects for easy accessibility.

Q: When was the product released? Has it experienced any significant upgrades since then?

A: GoGrailey Roof Leak Diverters were released in 2006. Since then, GoGrailey has made alterations to improve the overall utility of the product in our larger diverter sizes. For example, GoGrailey installed an additional deep PVC bowl on our larger sizes to provide a more efficient rate of flow for users. As a result, the water is more easily captured and diverted to a secure zone.