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What is a Roof Leak Diverter?

It's a dark stormy day and all of a sudden ... drip drip drip🌧🌧🌧

Water is leaking through your ceiling! What do you do? You can call someone to repair the roof leak but that may take hours, days and even weeks. What's more, is determining where the leak is originating. The best solution is to use a "roof leak tarp" or "leak diverter" to temporarily yet effectively stop water from coming into your home, office etc.

Stay warm and dry by utilizing a roof leak tarp. If you have experienced a leak in your roof it is time to take action. Roof leak tarps are a simple and quick way to avoid extensive damage. With a roof leak tarp you can catch and divert the water without causing more damage. This means you can save more time and money!
Roof Leak Tarp Benefits
A Roof Leak Tarp also called "leak diverter" or "ceiling leak catcher" is a type of tarp that is hung from the ceiling and collects water from a dripping roof or pipe.
Go Grailey Roof Leak diverters are made with heavy duty reinforced PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) which offers superior puncture and tear resistance over other tarps made with economical poly tarp material. Each diverter comes with a three inch strainer; dramatically reducing the chances of clogging.

Go Grailey Diverters are also extra strong, each diverter comes with six ply corners with triple layered perimeter to support the heavy duty brass hanging grommets. Our patent designed drain bowls are heat welded to ensure no leaks and long lasting use.

Reliable meets Durable? Fast & Easy

Although only a temporary step, emergency rain water diverters are designed to catch indoor roof leaks and divert the water away from people, office furniture, and machinery. A roof leak diverter or "rain diverter" is fast and easy to install and remove, and more importantly will buy you the time you need to make permanent repairs.